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Page 01

Here it all begins!

ECCC 2016 & other news

Hey guys, I just finished scheduling two new posts for Teach English in Japan! As well as getting prepped for my upcoming appearance at ECCC 2016 this year. Sadly I won’t have anything new on offer, but if you’d like a sketch or to get a physical copy of the book, I’ll be with Cloudscape at booth 1332.
ECCC 2016
ECCC 2016
If you want to read the new pages in advance, I have posted two new pages on Patreon, and you can see them right now, if you become a sustaining member. Just click the link here.

Follow Up

Hey folks, As you’ve probably noticed, there was once again no new page. I’ve been pretty slammed with work and other responsibilities. As well, to be honest, I’ve needed a bit more downtime. I’ve also found the switch over to Manga studio a bit rougher than expected. I have been working diligently on the next page, but I’ve decided to stop rushing out pages on a clockwork schedule. I’d rather focus on quality pages. Please bear with me as I try to adjust to a somewhat reliable output level. I really appreciate your patience. cheers, Jeff


Hey guys, With VanCAF on the horizon and JD’s new book coming out. It’s been like fighting the tide to keep the updates coming. So I have decided to put ‘Teach English’ on hiatus. for the time being. There will not be a new page on this site until Sept 29th 2014. Sorry to disappoint. In the mean time, please follow me on tumblr as I will be developing a new comic work over the next few months. http://japanese-cowboy.tumblr.com/   cheers, Jeff

TCAF 2014

Hey guys, Just a quick note that Jonathon and I will both be exhibiting at TCAF this weekend. This means no update, but it also means that if you are in the Toronto area I can autograph a book for you or maybe even draw you some original art. We are on the 2nd floor at table 249this year Hope to see you! cheers, Jeff teij-map