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Aaaaaand we're back! Thanks for your patience during my convention travels. I sold a lot of books and gave out a LOT of postcards, so hopefully some of you are new readers. This chapter is based on Jonathons experiences finding a home, I was lucky enough to be placed in an apartment after my first month ( the one James is rejecting on this page actually). I did have to live out of hotel rooms for my first month but I never had to go apartment hunting. cheers, Jeff  

4 thoughts on “Page 95

  1. By Luna’s Mane! That second apartment looks so tiny that he’ll have to go outside just to change his mind! (Here are some other important considerations: Does it even have it’s own toilet or would he have to share? And is there a shower/bath, or would he have to use the local spa/hot springs/bath-house?)

  2. He really should just go with that one. He’s in Japan! Is he going for ACREAGE?
    Also, what do you imagine this guy’s voice is like? I’m torn between Tommy Chong and Casey Kasem.

    1. Good point Wazzelbe, I kind of think he’s sound like Tommy Chong, but he might sound like Casey Casem in the classroom 🙂

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