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Sorry I missed the update last week, enjoy!

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  1. Awesome page! Nicely done sir.

  2. Oh wow, you put Ropugnant…er..Roppongi on blast.

    And rightfully so…

    1. That was always my feeling on Ropongi but it is a piece of Tokyo you have to address, hope you enjoy the story

  3. I’m impressed you made it to that many places in Tokyo in one day, you must have been exhausted at the end.

    1. Well this is based on a true story, but drops into fiction on occasion. I did go from Shibuya to Tokyo Tower and wrap up in Asakusa. Akiba really needs a whole day unto itself.

  4. When I had a Japanese girlfriend she was obsessed with taking me to “places with Engurish speaker”. We went to Gas Panic, had one 900 yen bottle of beer and left. “Do you like that bar” “Matter of fact it’s the worst bar I’ve ever been in… and I’ve been to the Fez in Cambridge!”

    1. Yeah, I remember once we went to the Shibuya Gas Panic, and it was loud and obnoxious, there was a Japanese guy selling tequila shots with phoney enthusiasm who couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to do shots every half hour. Just not my scene.

  5. Didn’t see anything like frame 5 while I was in Tokyo, but I accidentally walked into 2 consecutive fetish stores on my way to 1 restaurant.

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