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Aussie Joe is such a tool! I've never had such a terrible team teach, but I sure did work with some terrible teachers. I've had a lot of fun scripting out James first week on the job. We'll have some more adventures outside the class room soon enough. Also, just a reminder. You can purchase a printed version of the first 50 pages online now, or if you'd prefer we also sell it in eBook format. Cheers, Jeff

3 thoughts on “Page 64

  1. So, um, the *Senseis* are allowed to teach a class of older students barefoot? Teaching the younger kids while barefoot I can sort of understand, but wouldn’t dressing like that for an older (and, one assumes, more formal) class be considered unprofessional? (Then again, this *is* Aussie Joe we’re talking about…)

    1. Very astute. I thought the bare feet would really add some “depth” to Joe. I actually had to pack a pair of socks with me in summer, even my kids lessons.

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