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Sorry for the late posting today. I spent some extra time with this one and I think the art is looking better for it. I used to have to makeĀ  regular trips to "It's More" for my grocery needs, though the pricing sure did live up to the title. While I was living in Japan I remember all the little things at the grocery store that I used to miss. Things like Cheese, and specialty breads. One of the first things I did when I got back to Canada was eat a two cheese foccacia sandwich with Montreal smoked meat. (My mouth still waters). Then again, now I find that I miss things from Japan like cold green tea (no sugar added), Japanese pickles, Yakult yogurt drink, and onigiri at every convenience store. Just like in Japan these things are at specialty shops, but definitely aren't easily available for daily consumption. cheers, Jeff

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  1. I love this! As someone living in Korea, I can definitely relate to the high prices (especially on produce and meat!) as well as not being able to find any kind of decent bread or coldcuts. I’ve told my mom that all I want to eat for my first few days back home are amazing sandwiches and canned Campbell’s soup!

    1. Does Korea also have the cheese like substance known as hotel cheese?

  2. I really like the skeptical look James is giving the Hotel Cheese. Awesome.

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