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Oh Mayu! I am so glad I never worked for you, but I sure do know of people like this. Yesterday was Canzine West so if you came by my table, then thanks for stopping by! If you are a long time reader then please post a comment and let me know what you think of the story thus far. Cheers! Jeff

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  1. Well, we’re a bit early in this particular storyline for me to have any kind of informed opinion, but I *will* say that I’m really loving the comic so far. (And, yes, he definitely should think about getting a pair of sandals for around-the-neighborhood use.)

  2. As someone who DID work for Mayu… yeah. True story. 8-/

  3. Wow, you guys have life in Japan PEGGED! I’ve been here for going on two years now, and I spent the entire comic nodding my head and going “yup, yup, precisely.” For the record, big-nosed James’s apartment is larger than my current one 笑 I knew a good deal of Japanese and a bit about the country before arriving for the first time, but I also got totally lost in Ueno Station after flying into Narita. That station is brutal for JR newbies!

    Also, thank you for confirming my decision to *not* work at an eikaiwa. >_>

    My main criticism is that while it’s really cool how you use Japanese in the strips (feels very natural), it’s a little grammatically/syntactically questionable at parts. I’m not fluent at the language, but I was able to pick out a few errors or unnatural spots.

    Anyway, this is a fabulous comic so far. Also, bonus points for the “JT” rail map background.

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