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Page 01

Here it all begins!


Hey guys, Regular update are still a ways away, but I will be in person at TCAF this weekend as well as at VanCAF on the 24-25th. Hope to see you there. cheers, Jeff

Visiting ECCC

Hey guys, No new comics for the next few weeks. I am under the gun for deadlines with Cloudscapes new book and I need to get prepped for Emerald City Comicon. Fans can find me at booth 710 at Emerald City Comicon. I look forward to meeting you. cheers, Jeff ECCC-map-teij-710

Happy Birthday to me

Hey guys, It was my birthday weekend so as a gift to myself I am taking a small break from the update schedule. There should be a new page for you ready next week. Best wishes to all you fine readers, Jeff ADDENDUM: I have incorrectly updated and only partially migrated the site to a new theme and it is now currently out of commission. Very sorry about this, hoping to get it back online again as soon as I can.

Still alive

Hey guys, As you may have noticed I missed last weeks update, as I will most likely be late in posting tomorrow. I don’t want to bore you all with excuses, but suffice it to say I have been very busy, and managing my time very poorly. Included is a sample of the page I am working on. It will be a detailed account of James K climbing Mount Fuji. I hope you all enjoy it. I have been doing extra research and working extra hard on the art, which is another reason I am not updating at the same pace. Anyways, please bear with me. Best wishes, Jeff


TCAF 2013

Hey guys! Sadly the comic is a bit delayed this week but with good reason! I am in Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! So come on down to the Toronto Reference Library and visit my table. IT’S FREE! I’ll be at table 122, with plenty of Cloudscape and TeachEnglish in Japan books. TCAF 2013


Hey guys, I just wanted to write this to apologize for being unable to update again. Life has be under the gun right now and it’s looking like my hiatus is going to extend into April at this rate. I will start posting my work from Waterlogged beginning next week. Cheers, Jeff

Slow start

Hey guys, I missed posting today. Sorry. Life has been distracting as of late. On the plus side, I finished inking my story for Waterlogged, so I’ll have a bit more time to commit to updates. Cheers, Jeff


Hey guys! So here it is, February 2013 and still no new Teach English Pages! I know today was the promised relaunch date. Unfortunately I’m still behind on things. Priority one being my pages for Waterlogged, Cloudscapes 7th anthology. So here is a preview page to show you that I have been doing some work on something. I have the next TEIJ page pencilled so hopefully I can get this site updating again by next week. Thanks for bearing with me guys. cheers, Jeff