Karaoke party!

Hey wait! That’s not a comic! Ok you got me, I have failed to get ahead this week, so due to flying to Calgary Friday, and Toronto today I won’t be posting more story. However, here is a pin-up I made while on the show floor in Calgary. Calgary was a fun show with an overwhelming crowd attending. I don’t think I can justify the expense next year, so apologies to all the fine and wonderful folk I met. Especially my hostel mates from Edmonton, Jeff, Jeremy, Cliff and company! Angela Melick of Wasted Talent was in top form at the show and sold out of her book 1! (which I helped produce). The Weregeek crew were a pleasure as always, and they even treated me to a BBQ dinner on Sunday night. Sam Logan and J J McCullough(sp?) were also a pleasure to speak with. Saturday I got to hangout with some Vancouverites and drink delicious blackberry beer. Shout outs to Ed Brisson and Mike and Miriam of Jobnik. Miriam ran the con while in her final term of pregnancy. She survived the con, and I wish her all the best. I also got the spend time with the Guru Kitty gals, and Beth Wagner. Vancouver truly has a great comic scene. I also reconnected with some former students at the show. It was great to see them doing well, working in Graphic Design and using the skills I taught them. One student Jose Rojas is starting his own geek media company, which was very impressive.